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Three out of every ten babies are damaged or wounded, with the majority of them suffering from head trauma. Baby safety helmets provide an extra layer of protection for the head, reducing the risk of a head injury. Wearing helmets when a baby’s skull is growing can help form the infant’s skull. For such protection of the baby, a baby helmet for crawling and walking is essential. They’re especially useful when parents are travelling with their children or when their children are running around the house. The excess weight can throw the baby’s balance off, leading them to fall more frequently than they might have if they hadn’t worn the helmet.

Baby safety helmet for walking are intended to keep your child safe, and they can also have the inverse result. Many babies identify some movements with pain, and as a result, they refuse to perform them. The greatest thing you could do is restrict how long your child wears a helmet.

Because babies are especially susceptible to external shocks and accidents, a safety helmet may aim to safeguard their heads. The best baby safety helmets online India from leading brands assist in creating a supportive environment for the child at all stages of development. India’s greatest baby safety helmet India manufacturers are listed below.

1. KeepCare Baby Safety Helmet

KeepCare, a baby safety helmet, provides additional protection for toddlers’ heads. It is lightweight, portable, and comfortable for extended periods of time. It is appropriate for babies aged 8 months to 3 years and has a customizable fit to accommodate varying head measurements.

KeepCare is the first baby head protection from KeepCare, aimed at keeping babies safe. The baby’s head motions are free and simple thanks to the lightweight helmet. These are highly suggested by child experts for usage with infants ages one and under, as they are composed of breathable material.


  • 1.      It’s elastic and flexible.
  • 2.      It is small and light, weighing around 60 gms.
  • 3.      To avoid any head damage, use measured protection and a keen eye for detail.
  • 4.      Uninterrupted visibility
  • 5.      For the best fit and comfort, this item is inflatable and flexible.


  • 1.      The cost for helmet for baby boy is a little high.

2. Safety Baby Helmets

From the age of two to fourteen months, Jadebin infant helmets can be worn. Because it’s made of 100% cotton, it’s sweat-wicking and keeps you from overheating. A detachable and moveable visor actually protects the baby’s front forehead whether it falls forward or not. The filler is made of an impact-resistant fabric called IXPE. The baby safety helmet for crawling primary drawback is that it requires youngsters to wear it. Comfort and design seem to be the most significant factors in this case. The materials also ensure that it is well secured during all periods, whether it is moving or taking a crash. It’s a multicolored helmet with an apple pattern on it.


  • 1.      Improved ventilation is helped by good air transparency.
  • 2.      The material is pleasant and non-toxic.
  • 3.      Protective environment
  • 4.      Unscented
  • 5.      Antisepsis
  • 6.      It can be used both inside and outside the home.


  • The product is made entirely of cotton, which is really sweat-wicking but also weighty.

3. DearJoy Baby Safety Helmets

DearJoy Baby Safety Helmets are designed to safeguard inquisitive toddlers’ sensitive heads from any collision harm while not obstructing them in any manner. They’re made of cotton and are quite light, so they won’t restrict the toddlers’ motions. Baby safety helmet for crawling toddlers’ knees, knee protectors are included with the DearJoy safety helmets. They were made to give exceptional protection to the heads of infants in the event of an inadvertent collision. The DearJoy safety helmets are made to keep newborns protected from head trauma while still continuing to move about freely. The helmets are constructed of cotton, which makes them easy to wear, and they feature ample permeability to allow the baby’s head and face to flow freely.


  • 1.      Infants are not hampered by lightweight helmets.
  • 2.      Cotton is a pleasant fabric for all-year use, and the cushion in the helmet absorbs shock.
  • 3.      As an added layer of safety for moving infants, the helmet contains a collection of knee protectors.
  • 4.      The helmets include adjustable bands to fit toddlers of different ages.


  • Gaps in the system could be closed to improve safety

4. Skyga Baby Safety Helmets

SYGA Baby Helmet Toddler Head Protector Upgrade Infant Safety Helmet Hat Breathable Head Drop Protection for Boys Girls Learn to Walk Crawling Adjustable Headguard Protective Products-Pink Crown for baby helmet for 1 year old are built to keep your child safe from common accidents. They’re airy and light to wear. The helmets are well-fitting, with enough padding and a diameter of 43-53/45-58cm. They’re made to prevent bumps and bruises during the development of walking, sitting, or crawling. If users wear it outside, you can wash it to keep any germs and mold spores away.


  • 1.      Excellent quality
  • 2.      The item is breathable, allowing for proper airflow.
  • It’s easy to wash, so it’s suitable to be used again and again


  • The cushioning in the item may have been too thick, causing sweating

5. Safety Helmet With KneePads

A developing child may study and move around freely while wearing the Liltoes newborn safety helmet in conjunction with the knee pad. Both fabrics are constructed of high-quality cotton, making them both robust and pleasant for children. The baby will not be disturbed by the helmet because it is light and pleasant.

It’s comprised of tough materials that are filled with such a thick, unique stuffing that absorbs shock. It includes releasing vents that allow air to circulate through them, giving the baby extra comfort. In the middle of the knee pad is a foamy base that moulds to the form of the baby.


  • With the inclusion of a knee pad, the product would be even more secure for toddlers starting to walk.
  • The helmets and pads are composed of high-quality cotton fibres, which are soft and comfortable.
  • The helmet and even the knee padding are both cushioned and shock-absorbent.


6. Tinytots Safety Baby Helmets

The smooth foam within the Salmas Tinytots baby safety helmet for walking provides the children’s security and wellbeing. It is most useful when the child is attempting to walk and falls. The 0.2 kg product is intended for babies aged 12 months and older. The baby’s head is protected by the helmet from the head, sides of the head, and back of the head. That is a universal product that is available in a variety of hues for both boys and girls.


  • The highlight of this is the security cushion, which has very comfortable padding and foam interior.
  • It’s composed of cotton, so it’s incredibly versatile and breathable.


  • 1.      There are no refunds on this item.

7. Mimisku Baby Safety Helmets

Mimisku infant safety helmet keep toddlers’ heads safe while they are walking and run around and explore. Even minor accidents with furnishings or walls can cause injury to toddlers, so take that into consideration while interacting with them in public locations like parks and gardens.

 These cotton helmets feature Velcro straps that can be adjusted to fit infants of various ages. The fabric is soft and comfy for newborns’ sensitive skin. The foam helmets are compact as well as provide adequate head protection, reducing damage and injury suffered by unintentional bumps and accidents.


  • Adjustable helmets with Velcro straps are designed for toddlers of varying ages.
  • Cotton allows the toddlers’ heads to breathe and provides relaxation.
  • Helmets are constructed of foam and are lighter, so they provide maximum protection with the least amount of difficulty. 


  • Helmets must be properly fitted and fastened in order to provide appropriate protection

FAQ on Infant safety helmet

Q1. What is the best way to utilize a toddler helmet? 

Helmets are a one-of-a-kind precaution used to keep the toddler baby safe. The helmet is usually padded, so that if the baby falls or plunges, his face and head will be protected. Make absolutely sure that the helmet is comfortable to wear, and you’re ready to go. 

Q2. When would this kid’s helmet be replaced with a new one? 

There are a few indicators that this is the right time to replace the child’s helmet. To begin, look for a CPSC, ASTM, or Snell sticker on the goods you’re purchasing. The lack of a sticker must serve as a strong indication that it needs to be replaced right away. Second, if a helmet is damaged during its first crash, it should be replaced. Third, the manufacturer’s stated time period for that product is now an indication of when it should be replaced.

Q3. How can I determine whether or not something is a good fit?

 The gap between the baby’s eyebrows and the helmet ensures and measures that the helmet may not be too snug for them. This will also allow them to breathe normally. Simply strap the provided fitting across the baby’s ears to see if the helmet fits him or her.

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