Baby Bath Tub In India

A baby bathtub would be a practical and secure option for bathing your child. Your infant’s back, shoulders, and forehead are supported in an ergonomic way. Newborn babies can be held in an inclination posture in some tubs according to a slider. This could all be avoided if you got a high-quality baby boy bathtub.

When your child reaches toddlerhood, they may sit in the tub and enjoy splashing and playing with water. Certainly, your infant requires a cosy bathtub. Have users given any thought to investing in a kid-friendly bathtub so they may enjoy elegance?

A newborn baby bath tub may make bath time simpler for you, even if you’re a young parent or even have a loud toddler. You should use caution while selecting a bathtub for your child, though. For you, at reasonable prices, we have collected the best and safest bath tubs for babies.

   LuvLap Baby Bathtub

Babies 6 months and older and weighing up to 12 kg are allowed in the bathtub. It has soft, curving edges and an anti-slip base made of high-quality, toxin-free plastic. It comes in four distinct colours and is suggested for infants over six months old. Your baby can sit in the bathtub and bounce in it because it is roomy enough. The bathtub’s base has a rough surface that makes it difficult for the baby to readily fall off. A newborn baby bath tub made of plastic that is both toxic-free and waterproof

Baybee Dive Baby Bathtub

Baby Bath tub for Toddlers, Anti-Slip Kids Bathtub for Baby Shower

This is wide and suitable for infants from newborn to 36 months, measuring 80 x 50 x 22cm. The baby is kept safe by the anti-slip base, flat sides, and slip-resistant armrests. It is composed of high-quality, BPA-free polypropylene, which would be safe for infants. When your child is old enough to sit up by them, you may take out the insert pad and then let them explore in the spacious tub. There are 19 different colour options for the insert mat.

      Intime PVC Portable Inflatable Bathtub

The Intime inflatable bathtub has individual gas chambers and is also composed of soft, flexible PVC. Inflatable tubs have independently sealed gas chambers with well-sealed seams. It has a holding pocket for body wash or shampoo, an inflation compressor, and a waterline indicator. To keep your infant comfy, the Intime inflatable tub measures 98 x 65 x 28 cm. Your baby’s forehead and legs are supported by the raised part all around, and the anti-slip bottom protects the newborn baby from falling off.

      Intex Aadoo Square Kids Bath Tub

Your baby girl would be well-suited to the Intex Aadoo Square Kids Bath Tub. A child between the ages of two and three would love soaking in this pool with toys and sparkles. A 3-star or below review may be located on Amazon for the Intex Aadoo Square Infant Bathtub. It has a 34-liter capacity and is lightweight at 499 grammes. Your newborn will love the bath immensely because of its design, and you won’t have to use a lot of water. Customers that make up at least 75% of the market believe that the bathtub is wonderful. Regardless of whether it can be machine washed or not, the makers don’t care.

     Premsons Inflatable Baby Pool

The Premsons Inflatable Baby Pool is perhaps the most cheap baby bathtub option Bath Tub Reviews. The tub’s measurements are 32.8 x 16.2 x 13.6 cm, and its volume is 68 litres. Air is pushed on both the up and downstrokes, which causes it to inflate and deflate rather quickly. This newborn baby bath tub comes with a manual output hand pump that is extremely powerful, cleanable, and simple to use. Along with the tub, there is an elasticated hose, a needle, and three interlinked nozzles. You could use these pumps to blow them up for the baby’s various interactive toys. for the baby bath tub price in india click on the buy now button

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     Summer Infant Right Height Bath Tub

You’ll find everything you need within the Summer Infant Right Height Bathtub. A newborn would really love this bathtub. For the bottom and tub to come together perfectly, locking tabs are incorporated. You can bathe your child in this newborn baby bath tub only at the height that suits you most. Your baby’s incline is ideal thanks to the newborn bathing support. You can do it all with the Summer Infant Right Height Bathtub. You may modify this bathtub according to your baby’s growing size and age. Even though it is a pricey option, over 90% of parents think their newborn is completely at ease in it. With over 400 customer ratings on Amazon, this is a pricey option.

Selecting the Best Bathtubs for baby

When purchasing a bath tubs for babies for your priceless infant, there are a few things you should keep in mind. By keeping in mind the following tips, you may pick the ideal bathtub for your baby girl as well as your baby boy.

  1. Combine an adult bathtub and even a bath tubs for babies, then add some vinegar and hot water to the mixture. After letting it rest for 5 to 10 minutes, rinse it out, then dry it off with a cotton pad.
  2. Some baby baths include a slider and therefore are spacious; these designs could be used for both babies and toddlers. Your infant may feel confined if the bathtub has become too small, as well as those who may slide through into liquid if it has become too large. For your newborn, then choose a suitable size.
  3. The majority of bathtubs are composed of plastic and vinyl. Make sure the plastic is chemical-free by checking the label. Utilizing a bathtub may be made more convenient by additional features such as a draining plug, smooth borders, liquid level sensors, and soapy compartments.

FAQ on best baby bath tub in India

Q1. How can I clean the tub where my child bathes?

Combine an adult bathtub as well as a newborn baby bath tub, and then add some vinegar and hot water to the mixture. After leaving it to soak for 5 to 10 minutes, wash it out, and then dry it off with a cotton pad.

Q2. How to use a bath tub for a baby?

To avoid hurting your back, use a low stool or a non-slip pad on that floor. If you want to bathe her child, use warm (not hot) water at 37°C or 38°C. Fill a bath with water up to the belly buttons of any babies who can sit up on their own. Prior to putting the newborn in the bath, check the temperature using a thermometer or the wrists or elbows.

To prevent back pain, crouch down as well as sit on a small stool while filling the bath with enough liquid to bathe your baby. Prior to gently rinsing and shampooing your child’s body and neck, clean their hair. Be using a cotton washcloth to carefully wash the child’s head and face after briefly running the faucet with cold water.

Q3. How do you bathe a 3 month old baby in the tub?

You might wish to modify the bath schedule as your child grows. Even today, babies only require a bath once or twice each week. Consider giving them a bath more regularly if they appear to like water or prefer to splash around while they get clean. Consider using soap for just one or two showers if you’re going to be giving your kid a bath upwards of two times a week. Another common habit among parents is to quickly wash their baby down before bath time, during diaper and clothing changes. Use a mild, fragrance-and dye-free moisturiser to moisturise the newborn after shower time.

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