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Sleep is crucial during pregnancy, although it can be difficult to come by. You will also experience increased irritability and regular trips to the restroom. That’s when a pregnant pillow comes in handy. Pillow for pregnant women come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including body pillows, wedges, and large Cs. Use a cushion with a superior support solution and a removable, cleaning cover. Whether you are tall and want to buy an entire body cushion, make sure you get one that is lengthy and firm enough to support the entire body. Pregnancy pillows are larger than ordinary pillows and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The best pregnancy pillows, as well as their advantages and varieties, are listed in this article. It also gives you some pointers on how to choose the best product for your unique demands and body type. The length of the body and also the form of this support are supposed to be much more optimally balanced for the head, back, and stomach. A best pregnancy pillow in India is built of a variety of materials, particularly those to which women are not overly sensitive.

1.Tishnagi Designer Ultra Soft Body Pillow

Pregnant women, as well as side and stomach sleepers, will find these multipurpose maternity pillows extremely comfortable. It has a microfiber pillow filling that is both fluffy and robust, and this can be modified to the resting position. The total dimensions are 20 x 54 in and it is available in seven distinct colors.


  • 1.      The fabric is stretchy and lightweight.
  • 2.      supports the joints properly.
  • 3.      It allows users to sleep on either their back or side to keep their spine in correct alignment.
  • 4.      To protect the neck, it’s moderately strong.
  • 5.      It’s great for resting, napping, relaxing, and tucking under your arms and legs.
  • 6.      The cover is antibacterial and made of 100% cotton.
  • 7.      Dirt and insect deterrents
  • 8.      Machine-washable


  • 1.      Durability has received mixed reviews.

2. Angel Mommy Premium Pregnancy U-Shaped Pillow

The Angel Mommy Premium U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is designed to provide you with a relaxing night’s sleep. While sleeping on the left side, it provides optimal joint placement. It could also be used as a post-pregnancy breastfeeding, seating, and leg aid. It’s comprised of a fluffy, lightweight filling material that holds its shape even after prolonged use. It is available in 12 different colour options, and you may have it etched on the inside, featuring a unique inscription hand-carved by hand.


  • 1.      It allows people to sleep in a good position.
  • 2.      Filling material with no stress
  • 3.      Perfect for sleepers who prefer to sleep on their left side.
  • 4.      It prevents turning onto the stomach.
  • 5.      Extra filling for maximum comfort.
  • 6.      Cotton cover with a zipper that is machine washable.


  • 1.      It’s possible that the stitches aren’t robust enough.

3. Mom’s Moon 2nd Generation Ultra Soft U Shaped Pillow

The Mom’s Moon 2nd Generation U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow Maternity Pillow is designed to help you sleep better when you’re pregnant. With its curved design, it provides unparalleled physical support. The U-shaped cushion keeps you from turning over onto the bump or backside when you sleep.


  • 1.      The cover is machine-washable.
  • 2.      Fill materials that are sweat-absorbent, permeable, and hypoallergenic.
  • 3.      It provides excellent support and aids in the maintenance of a good sleeping position.
  • 4.      keeps people from turning over with head-to-toe support.


  • 1.      The stitches are relatively loose.

4. C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

The Branded Maternity Pillow would be a COOZLY Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with NEWD Cotton Stretch Detachable Cover that is perfect for maximum comfort. BPA, lead, latex, and some other hazardous substances are not present. The upper end could be placed under the head to provide neck / shoulder comfort. It comes in two sizes: medium and large, as well as three solid color variations.


  • 1.      The hollow silicone polyester filler is long-lasting.
  • 2.      The outside cover is made of micro-polyester for a smooth feel.
  • 3.      It’s safe to use when breastfeeding.
  • 4.      Suitable for a wide range of resting and relaxing postures,
  • 5.      The cover is hypoallergenic.


  • It’s possible that it’s not particularly cushioned

5. C Shaped Maternity Pillow

Pregnant ladies and young mothers will benefit from the Kuber Industries Pregnancy Pillow. For additional comfort, a C-shaped best pregnancy pillow is ideal. It’s also good for post-pregnancy breastfeeding help. This pillow is accessible in gray, black, and dark blue. The neck and shoulder are supported only at the top, the legs are supported at the bottom, and the vertebrae are wrapped in the center.


  • 1.      Microfiber filling of superior quality.
  • 2.      Zero-pressure fabric that is hypoallergenic
  • 3.      It maintains and moulds the bump, mostly on the back.
  • 4.      It is easily transportable and inexpensive.


  • 1.      The stitches aren’t too tight.

6. Pregnancy Pillow for Pregnant Women

The White Willow Maternity sleeping Pillow for pregnant women is made of high-resilience material that is medical-grade. Severe pain in pregnant women is relieved because of the unique design. It comes in one standard size and 2 color choices: blue or multi shade. The wedge pillow’s stability allows you to sit securely wherever you like. It prevents edoema in the hands, legs, and feet.


  • 1.      It encourages sleeping on your side.
  • 2.      provides relief throughout all three time periods.
  • 3.      The ergonomic form helps to improve the sleeping position.
  • 4.      It can be utilised in a variety of ways.
  • 5.      Compact and lightweight,
  • 6.      Dust-mite-resistant and hypoallergenic


  • 1.      It’s steep and requires a while to get used to.

7. U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow/ Maternity Pillow

The Pregnancy Time Ultra Soft Fabric Maternity sleeping Pillow and it’s a U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow/ Maternity Pillow was designed with pregnant ladies in mind. It’s made of synthetic down stuffing, which provides for plenty of airflow. This pillow’s flexibility allows anyone to spread out entirely and sleep soundly all night. It helps to maintain body temperature and blood circulation.


  • 1.      The material is colorless and hypoallergenic.
  • 2.      Dust and mite resistance
  • 3.      While you’re sleeping, users won’t have to worry about twisting and tossing.
  • 4.      Machine-washable


  • 1.      There aren’t many color choices.

8.  C Shape Pregnancy Pillow for Women

While sleeping, the bedding king-large pillow maintains the body in the right position. The C Shape Pregnancy Pillow for Women cushion is 5 Feet 3 Inches and Above in size and molds to the body’s natural contours. This is rectangular in shape and serves to hold the head, bump, and leg. It is accessible in king size, navy blue, and white. It is also super-soft, and you’ll enjoy holding it and wrapping it around your legs for some much-needed rest.


  • 1.      The ball fibre filling provides the body with the necessary support.
  • 2.      Lightweight and easy to transport,
  • 3.      Even after prolonged usage, it returns to its original shape.
  • 4.      The material is hypoallergenic.
  • 5.      Machine-washable


  • 1.      There is no cover included.

Some FAQ on how to choose the Best pillow for pregnant women

How does a pregnancy pillow help?

Aches in the back, leg cramps, and pelvic rigidity are common among pregnant women. Heartburns, increased blood pressure, indigestion, and acid reflux are all symptoms of sleep disturbances. Sleep deprivation causes complications, and using a pregnancy pillow helps to ease these issues.

How to use the Mothercare pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow can be used in a variety of ways. The goal should be to provide your neck, back, and pelvis with the most support possible. The best ways to use the cushion are to tuck it in between your knees, use it to hold your stomach while sleeping on your side, or plop it upon it.

When should I start using a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnant cushion can be used at any stage of pregnancy. However, by week 20, the bump has become noticeable, and people may be experiencing round ligament pain. A pregnancy pillow would provide you with the necessary comfort to enable the baby to sleep well at night. Most pregnant women struggle to get adequate sleep since they are juggling full-time jobs with no or little periods of rest. For such a woman’s fitness and well-being, enough relaxation and meditation are critical.

A pregnancy pillow is larger and much more comfortable than a conventional pillow and may be used in any position. When buying a pillow, consider your sleep position as well as your trimester. In addition, consider their durability, hardness, filling substance, as well as their weight and height.

Is it worth getting a pregnancy pillow?

You’ll want lots of sleep to have the healthiest and safest pregnancy possible. A pregnancy pillow can assist you in falling asleep and staying asleep for extended periods of time. A pregnancy cushion can help you fall asleep well after the baby is born, because users won’t be able to return to their typical sleeping habits right away.

What kind of pillow is best for pregnancy?

Wedge, C-shaped pregnancy pillow, and U-shaped pillows are the three most common forms of pillows. Before purchasing a pillow, it’s also important to consider the material. If you suffer from heat flashes or excessive sweating, choose a suit made of permeable materials.

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