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The fruit feeder for babies makes it easy for newborns to move from breast milk to flavorful solid meals or formula milk. It introduces the baby to a variety of flavours and encourages him to learn to eat by using his jaws, tongue, and cheeks. The only work you’ll have to do is choose the best baby food feeder; the remainder will be handled by the baby feeder. It truly assists parents in feeding their newborns anything at all, from mashed meals to juice, dairy, vegetable, and fruit smoothies without creating a mess.

You could also offer the youngster toys to improve oral motor coordination in addition to nibblers. This even helps with the teething phase. A baby food bottle feeder is a popular tool because of its simple form, structure, and ergonomic technique for feeding food. If you’re searching for a baby feeder, we’ve analysed the top 8 best food feeder for baby in india are available.

1.Mee mee’s Food & Fruit Nibbler

This food and fruit nibbler is made to encourage healthy eating. The newborn can readily suck and chew very small food particles. A security lock, handles, and a nipple cap are among the characteristics of such a tool. A revolutionary tool that lets you give your infant a taste test without the danger of choking or oral injury. It is gentle on the gums of the infant, preventing them from being trapped in their mouth and allowing them to eat more healthily, securely, and pleasantly.


  • 1.      This equipment is exceedingly simple to keep clean, sterilise, and maintain.
  • 2.      It is extremely lightweight and provides the baby with a comfortable grip.
  • 3.      Plastic substances are harmless and non-toxic.
  • 4.      It complies with all international safety regulations.


  • Certain food particles may adhere to a nibbler’s upper half

2. Fisher transparent Silicone Food Feeder

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a semi-liquid food for your baby. Baby fruit feeder should be used by children aged 6 months and up. When washing the food cap, it’s important to pay attention to the safety and sanitation guidelines. The liquid silicone rubber used in the Fisher-Price food feeder is of high quality. The material used is BPA-free. This device uses pressure to maintain the feed rate for a range of foods. It is light and simple to hold, weighing roughly 250 grammes.


  • 1.      Cleaning and maintaining this product is a breeze.
  • 2.      The infant feeder may be sanitised and taken with you on your journey.
  • 3.      The youngster can be fed cereal, mashed rice and vegetables, pureed fruits, and other semi-solid foods thanks to this easy system.
  • 4.      The tool is composed of the best silicone rubber available.


  • 1.      It’s crucial to keep the instrument in good working order and avoid spills.
  • 2.      It is suggested that the instrument be used under the elderly’s monitoring and supervision.

3. Luvlap silicone food/fruit nibbler baby food feeder

Luvap meal feeders are well-known for their BPA-free, child-friendly superior plastic. It can be used as a nibbler as well as a biting toy. The tool’s intelligent design includes an extra layer of protection over pathogens from the outside world. The feeders are free of harsh chemicals that could harm the baby’s health. The little one can quickly understand the handle. That helps with motor growth. It’s quite cheap and can be found on Amazon.


  • 1.      The baby food feeder silicone used to produce the infant feeder is BPA-free.
  • 2.      This could be used as both a nibbler and a toy, making it a multifunctional gadget.
  • 3.      The protective layer assists with the prevention of pathogens.
  • 4.      The food feeders are simple to sterilize and clean.
  • 5.      Food sucking and swallowing is no longer a difficult chore.
  • The security lock stops children from unlocking it, preventing spilling


  • 1.      When used, the nibbler may cause certain issues.

4. Funskool Giggles Fruit Teether

The giggling fruit of Funskool the use of a teether enables babies to place objects in their mouths. The baby fruit feeder apple flavor is particularly intriguing to the newborns. The chewing as well as sucking responses stimulate the periodontal membrane beneath the teeth. They know how to control the strength with which they bite during this phase. Teethers can be used from the age of three months onwards. Choking is avoided because of the smooth and multi-textured surfaces. This teether doubles as a rattles and soothes sensitive gums.


  • 1.      This exercise helps with the development of a healthy jaw.
  • 2.      The fruit teether complies with toy safety regulations.
  • 3.      Gentle on such a baby’s delicate gums
  • 4.      Even though it is made of completely safe and chemical-free materials, it is extremely safe for children to use.
  • 5.      The smooth and twistable material makes it easy for the baby to chew.


  • 1.      The food teether should be used in the company of a grownup.

5. Munchkin soft silicone baby food feeder

The baby food feeder silicone are helpful equipment that helps you feed your baby properly while also preventing choking. It is composed of BPA-free plastic, which makes it safe for babies. The baby can effortlessly suck and chew food thanks to the soft pouch. The Munchkin smooth silicone has been the best option among the extensive choice of squeezy silicone food feeder accessible online. Small bits of food which comes out at random intervals encourage the infant to eat more. It provides food storage as well as transportation convenience.


  • 1.      Easily transportable
  • 2.      It’s simple to clean and maintain because it’s dishwasher-safe.
  • 3.      Freeze-ability
  • 4.      The silicone pouches are gentle on the baby’s gums and allow him or her to comfortably suck food.


  • 1.      The baby feeder’s contents could rapidly evaporate.
  • 2.      The price of this infant feeder is high.

6. Safe-O-Kid High-Quality Baby Food Feeder

A multi-functional baby fruit feeder seems to be an excellent tool for every parent. It can hold a lot of fruits and vegetables, and also breast milk, iced chips, and medications. The lightweight and compact form allows for easy storage and portability. This gadget has been used as a teething toy for your baby. After that, only small quantities of food are capable of passing through when they have been consumed. It comes in a one-of-a-kind design that feeds the infant while also preventing choking.


  • 1.      The fabric is easy to wash and store because it is extremely durable.
  • 2.      The tempered softness reduces choking.


  • It is suggested that this product be used only under the guidance of a parent.

7. Gilli Shopee – Best baby silicone food feeder

Your baby can learn about several flavours from Gilli Shopee’s food feeders, including such delicacies as delicious, tasty, and salty. Inside this silicone bottle, you can put anything from grains or puree to vegetables and fruits. The baby food feeder silicone major material has no negative health effects on the youngster. It’s quite simple to use and manage. If breast feeding alone isn’t enough around 6 months, you might have to use a pump to boost the child ’s growth and development.


  • 1.      The kid may easily handle the food feeder in his or her hands.
  • 2.      It’s not tough to place food in that and press it out.
  • 3.      It can also be used by babies to eat vegetables and fruits.
  • It is durable and easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe


  • 1.      When compared to other baby food nibbler accessible online, this is significantly more expensive.

8. Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon for Feeding

It’s more than simply a baby food feeder spoon because it allows the child to take small bites at a time after they get used to it. It’s simple to use and may be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. BPA-free, chemical-free plastic that is suitable for kids. 90ml of infant food can be stored inside. It keeps your child from choking if he or she eats too much. It is simple to operate because it contains everything within the equipment that can be operated with one hand. This is also a great place to keep food.


  • 1.      It features a bulb-like form and can hold 90 ml of liquid.
  • 2.      Allow a small amount of food at a time to avoid choking the youngster.
  • 3.      Single-handed operation is possible.
  • 4.      Dishwasher-friendly


  • 1.      Little bit Costly
  • 2.      Rubber absorbs all odours.

Q1. How to use baby food feeder

The following are the simple steps to using the baby food feeder.

  1. To begin, remove the baby fruit feeder from the drawer.
  2. Do not mix the food; instead, scoop enough liquid into the feeder.
  3. Fresh or refrigerated fruits could be used to fill it.
  4. Start giving it to the infant, and when he or she puts more pressure on it, users can enjoy that too.

Q2. What food do I put in the baby mesh feeder?

To encourage the children to consume extra, add something delicious and pleasant to their lunchbox, including honeydew and other fruits. These are mostly not healthy but also tasty, and the child will constantly want extra. Start with something tasty and nutritious like apples, pears, berries, baby carrots, or peaches. Users could also use the feeder to feed vegetables and meat.

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