Musical toys for babies in India

Music has the ability to improve your child’s mood as well as entertain them. The basic beat, strumming, and some other musical abilities are taught to young children using this musical toy. Children’s hearing and skills are encouraged. This wonderful product is completed by non-toxic coatings and child-safe components. Musical toys have unique toys that can aid in the development of your child’s sense of hearing. They’re made to assist your children in learning a new skill or developing an existing one. Children might be encouraged and enthusiastic about playing songs, and the spark of music could also be ignited when kids play a musical instrument made just for them. Based on the latest study, a selection of musical toys is offered for your consideration presenting some musical toys for babies below.

1. And-Also Wood Flash Musical Drum, Multicolor

The construction of this wooden drum by ‘And-Also’ is excellent. The drumsticks that come with it are constructed of hardwood. These drumsticks have the same heaviness as actual drumsticks, but they’re smaller to fit in your toddler’s hands. This musical-flash drumming is fantastic for a child’s growth. It also includes an adjustable neck strap for the student’s development. The toy is composed of wood that has been coated with non-toxic paint (food-grade paint).


  • There are three kinds of games on the musical drum.
  • It also provides settings for volume control.


  • Batteries are not included with the toy.

2. Toyshine

This one has a dog-shaped shape and a flashing light on its upper edge, and it is made of durable plastic. The toy contains a lot of whirling colours and flashing lights to attract kids’ interest. It’s a robot dog that dances to music and puts on a light show. The toy may visually engage the baby while also teaching him or her about different colours. Singing, bouncing, and turning-around are all aspects of the puppy toy. The music on this toy is upbeat, and the dancing offers a fun environment for kids to play in. It is intended for children aged 3–5 years and may be moved with the help of its global wheel.


  • Toddler development is enhanced by vibrant lighting.
  • The dog moves and flicks its head, entertaining the children.
  • secure for children because it is composed of non-toxic plastic.


  • For a while, the music can stop playing.

3. Dancing Duck Toy

This toy of a dancing duck is a wonderful present for your youngster. It moves to the beat of glistening lights and enthralling music. Height = 19 cm, length = 24 cm, and width = 11.5 cm are the dimensions of the toy. Your toddler can simply carry the toy due to its measurements. The toy has been the perfect blend of music, lighting, and movement. As soon as the switch is opened, this duck will become the centre of attention for children. The toy is composed of high-quality plastic with a beautiful finish and vibrant colours. It is appropriate for children aged three and up.


  • The product’s performance is good value for money.
  • The toy’s lightning is attractive and striking.


  • This dancing duck’s sound is a little disturbing.
  • A small number of customers have gotten products that have been damaged.

4. Smartcraft Educational Toddlers Musical Ball Toy

4. Smartcraft Educational Toddlers Musical Ball Toy

The ball has an auto-rotation method that enables it to spin without assistance on that floor. The toy even features a fascinating static mode in which the youngster is encouraged to push different animal keys to understand the names of the species and also the noises they create. The Smart Craft toy ball aids in the development of a child’s listening skills, visual skills, and hand-eye coordination. The learning toy ball mainly encourages the infant to move, run, stroll, and generate a variety of agile movements.


  • In respect of a child’s teaching and growth, the toy is fantastic.
  • A child’s sensory organs can be stimulated by light.
  • The toy has no sharp corners and is suitable for toddlers.


  • According to a few consumers, the toy has sound and songs.

5. Toyshine Dream Princess Doll

Toyshine’s dream princess doll includes two different modes. Songs are played while lights move mostly on the doll’s axis while in standing and singing mode. In bump and go modes, the doll will move across the floor, simultaneously changing direction when it comes into contact with an object. This Toyshine Dream fairy doll is ideal as a gift for infant girls. Baby girls adore playing with dolls, putting on cosmetics, styling their hair, and dressing them up. Once the caps locking at the bottom are removed and the doll’s dance mode is activated,


  • The doll is affordable.
  • This is of outstanding quality.
  • The sound and lighting are incredible.


  • The doll’s soundtrack is overbearing and irritating.

6. Drum Keyboard Musical Toys

Animal sounds and some other musical sounds are also played on SahiBUY’s melodic keyboard. This is a rhythmic electronic drum keyboard. The item not only plays music, but it also contains two flashlights that children will like. Colored lights often captivate babies. Musical toys are a wonderful way to introduce tunes to young children. SahiBUY’s melodic toy is designed specifically for newborns. Babies have total control over their toys, which is beneficial for their brain development. It only needs three batteries to run.


  • The quality of the toy is exceptional.
  • The toy’s melody is excellent for infants.
  • The toy is long-lasting and durable.
  • The toy’s colour is beautiful.


  • The music on that toy is set to a loud volume by default, and there is no method of reducing it.

7. WISHKEY Colorful Set of 7 Musical Instruments

Wishkey’s brightly coloured rattle toy set is intended solely for the entertainment of newborns. Each toy in the collection is the right size for the baby’s hands and is completely safe. Since the toys are devoid of phthalates, latex, and BPA, they are perfectly appropriate for children to use. The toy set allows babies to interact with different textures, sounds, and grips while playing, jiggling, and rattling. Your child will like holding these rattles in his or her hands and listening to the various sounds that each rattle produces. The playset is brightly coloured and musical. It’s excellent for enhancing the sensory sensations of a baby.


  • The build quality of the toy set is superb.
  • The product is reasonably priced.


  • The toy is made out of a stronger material.
  • It is not possible to use the toy like a teething toy.

8. Musical Hanging Rattle Toys

Vibgy, or Vibes, is the perfect melodic hanging rattling toy for kids. The toy can easily be constructed to hang from the cot mattress of the child. When the air strikes the toy, it generates peaceful and gentle music, and the toy also begins spinning after the music begins. A one-star music box, a single set of swan cross arms, and three colourful hanging figures are included with the toy. This toy comes in a variety of colours and designs; buyers are given random colours and designs based on availability. The pieces are simple to put together and can be placed over the bed.


  • The toy’s colours are vibrant and appealing.
  • The toy’s music is calming.


  • A whistle should be included in the bottom of the toys because it could be dangerous if swallowed by children.
  • It is not recommended that the toy be used in a child’s bath.

Q1. Are light up musical toys good for babies, new born or toddlers ?

Yes, individuals are drawn to spinning, brightly coloured lights in constantly changing formations. A light-up toy may help a child develop strong self-control and avoid a breakdown. They can assist in diverting a child’s spotlight away from such a highly painful scenario in a therapeutic environment by directing it to a light show. In a therapeutic context, light up toys may help youngsters who are having minor medical operations distract themselves.

Q2. What toys can a newborn use?

With so many baby toys on the market, it’s easy to get caught up in buying toys for the child. However, before you spend a bundle on brand new baby toys, be sure that your child genuinely requires the best baby toys. Toys allow your child to experience a variety of textures and noises. They also gave students the opportunity to see how causes and effects work. A toy rattle produces a noise when people lift their hand. To such a baby, this is incredible, and it teaches them something important.

Q3. When can I give my newborn, toddler a new toy?

It takes several months for newborns to begin picking favorites among their toys. At around the age group of 5 to 7 months, babies reach the stage of object permanence. Toys support the development of gross and fine motor skills and also emotional or physical growth. Simple toys that make a lot of noise or stream music are best for babies aged 0–3 months. For the first 4-6 months, search for colorful, secure, soft toys that they will enjoy looking at. Give babies interactive toys such basic building blocks between the ages of 9 and 12 months, so children realize that playtime is sociable and enjoyable.

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