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Best Baby Bath Tub In India

A newborn baby bath tub provides a simple and safe environment for bathing the child. It’s developed to accommodate your new born back, shoulders, and head. Bath time is usually a wonderful experience for newborns, and parents are responsible for creating it. We’ve compiled a list of the top newborn baby bath tubs on the market. Material of excellent quality, ergonomically designed, durability, and safety are all significant considerations. Babies love playing in the bathtub with bubbles, toys, and splashing water. A slide on certain tubs helps to hold newborns in an elevated posture. A bathtub may make bathing time easier for you, whether you’re a new parent or even have an energetic child. When your child is a toddler, he or she can sit in the tub and splash and engage only with water. Therefore, when selecting a bathtub for your child, you need to exercise caution. To assist you in making the best decision, below are some of the top baby baths in India.



Amazon & Firstcry

Baby Anti Slip Big Plastic Bathtub with Bath Toddler Seat

LuvLap Baby Bath tub

Baybee Amdia Multistage Bathtub

Baybee Dive Baby Bathtub

Intime PVC Portable Inflatable Bathtub

Sunbaby Baby Bath Support seat for New born babies for bathing

Baby Bath Tub - Pink

  1. Sunbaby Baby Anti Slip Big Plastic Bathtub with Bath Toddler Seat Sling Non Slip Suction for Bathing, Baby Shower, Bubble Bath-Combo Pack-Blue

The Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker and Bouncer is a gadget for your baby that is jam-packed with features. It’s a

When your child manages to sit, users can replace the bather slide from the Sunbaby bathtub. The bath sling is composed of a strong plastic that is lightweight, easy to wash, and transport. Both the bath tub and the bath sling include an anti-slip suction bottom to prevent slipping. Bath time could be made safer by employing a customized bath tub created exclusively for babies’ requirements. Sunbaby has provided you with a bathing sling that will ensure that the child enjoys his bath time. Bath tubs or adult tubs of almost any size can be used. Throughout bath time, the bath tub and bath sling provide comprehensive security and comfort for the child.

Water has become one of the greatest training tools for a baby’s growth in multisensory skills and foundational skills, although both are necessary for a baby’s development. It has a water level indicator so people can see how much water you’ll need to give your child a decent bath.

Sunbaby Baby Anti Slip Big Plastic Bathtub with Bath Toddler Seat Sling (Blue)


  • A bather slide that can be removed and fits most bathers
  • For such a bather slide, an anti-slip grip featuring suction
  • A footrest and wide sides
  • The back supports for the bather slides are anti-slip and imprinted with such a fish motif.
  • Built-in drain hole and soap dispenser
  • Small and portable,
  • Water-level indicator


  • Suction cups may break down over time.
  • It’s possible that the water will be difficult to drain.
  1. LuvLap Baby Bath tub with drain plug, ergonomic and spacious, Soft Curved, Durable Non Toxic material (Blue)

The bathtub is composed of high-quality, toxin-free plastic and is ergonomically designed to allow your baby to rest comfortably. The bathtub’s foundation has a rough texture that prevents the baby from readily slipping out. To ensure your kids’ safety, the bathtub’s sides are all smooth. The baby sits comfortably during showering thanks to the ergonomic and expansive design. It’s simple to remove and clean. It comes in four colours and is appropriate for children ages six months and up. Water may be simply drained due to the drain pipe at the bottom. To keep soap from slipping, it’s in a plastic casing. Capacity for weight: 12 kilogrammes is the maximum weight limit.

LuvLap Baby Bath tub


  • Lightweight and hardy,
  • Non-toxic plastics are used to create this product.
  • For further safety, the edges are rounded and soft.
  • The bottom is non-slip.
  • Plug the drain.
  • Two soap dispensers are integrated into the design.


  • The baby’s scalp may be damaged by the anti-slip rough surface.
  • The drain plug may not even be able to drain water fast enough.
  1. Baybee Amdia Multistage Bathtub

There are two bathing postures in Baybee’s multiple stage bathtub. There are two bathing roles available: reclining for infants (0-6 months) and seated for toddlers (6-24 months). Once an infant has reached the age of six months, place them in such a reclining position and afterwards put them right. The back, arms, and legs are all supported in a unique contour form that keeps the baby from falling beneath the water throughout shower time. The largest accessible baby bath is 36x21x10 inches. The bathtub measures 91 x 53 x 25cm, which is rather large. The back, arms, and legs are all supported by the contoured design. It is made of BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free, Lead-free, Non-Toxic, and Reusable.

Baybee Amdia Multistage Bathtub


  • grows alongside the baby.
  • There are two bathing slots available.
  • PP is a non-toxic substance.
  • This is a solid and trustworthy platform.
  • The back and arms are supported by the contour design, which also avoids slippage.
  • A hole for drainage


  • On smooth surfaces, the tub might not have been particularly stable.
  • It’s possible that it won’t be suitable for newborn newborns.
  1. Baybee Dive Baby Bathtub

Several of the best playing toys for newborns are baby rockers and bouncers. This baby chair is suited for newborns to This newborn baby bath tub with shower will change as your child develops. You may replace the insert mat if your kid is old enough to drive and let him enjoy the large tub. The EN71 accreditation, which is the most severe accreditation defined by European regulations for the protection of newborns and toddlers, has been awarded to Baybee products. This large crib measures 80 x 50 x 22 cm and could be used for infants from newborn to 36 months. The armrests are slip-resistant, the sides are smooth, the bottom is strong, and the insert cushion is anti-slip. BPA-free polypropylene is used, and it is generally recognised as safe for babies. Slip-resistant armrests as well as an anti-slip insertion mat are distinctive features of our infant tub. That was the first and final baby mini-bath tub you’ll buy, as it’s constructed of superior, BPA-free, and environmentally friendly polypropylene.

Baybee Dive Baby Bathtub


  • design that appeals to both men and women.
  • non-slip and comfortable
  • Removeable insert mat with anti-slip properties
  • Safety with rounded corners


  • It is possible that the water will not drain properly.
  • It’s possible that the insert mat isn’t stable.
  1. Intime PVC Portable Inflatable Bathtub

A little baby would be bouncing upwards with fun and happiness in this LuvLap Baby Bouncer. Soft cushions and tunes with sThe inflatable bathtub by Intime might be used as a secondary tub or bathtub. It is organically constructed and measures 98 x 65 x 28cm to ensure your baby is comfortable. The anti-slip bottom keeps your child from falling out, and the 45-degree raised headrest keeps your baby’s head and legs supported. Separate gas chambers with properly closed seams are included with the inflatable baby bathtub with shower. Soft inflated materials surround the tub, which are smooth and comfy to prevent bruising. Because of the child’s active lifestyle, there are many air bars at the bottom that enable the child to expand freely. The inflatable bathtub was inspired by how hospitals bathe infants by allowing them to recline in a slanted basin. The bathtub’s non-slip base completely respects the baby’s active activities. The baby’s skin will not be harmed by the fine craftsmanship or the absence of rough seam borders.

Intime PVC Portable Bathtub


  • Portable and light in weight
  • Drain plug with a large diameter
  • Capacity of shampoo or shower gel to collect
  • It also comes with an inflating pump.
  • For simple drying, use plastic rope.
  • indicator for the waterline


  • For some, the size may be too small.
  • The inflation pump’s functionality may not even be up to par.
  1. How to use a baby bath tub

Check that you should have anything you’ll need accessible, such as a towel, washcloth, bathtub toys, moisturizer, or shampoo. If at all feasible, dry and dress your child on that floor, using a towel. Ensure that any bath lotions, shampoos, and electrical gadgets are kept out of the reach of the baby. When you put your kid in, make sure that the water temperature is 37-38°C. Never leave your kids alone in the bathtub.

  1. How to use a baby bath tub with a sling

Mount the sling to a bathtub, readjust the head posture, fill the tub with water, and bathe the baby. Bathing your infant at night will be much more convenient for you, although bathing your kid during the day may be more convenient for another parent. It isn’t required to apply soap every time unless you reside in a tough swimming area.

  1. How to use a bath tub for a baby

About 2 or 3 litres of warm, never hot, water should be added to the tub. Alternatively, use fresh water or a baby cleanser. Try newborn shampoo as your hair grows. Clean the hair and face with a washcloth or a baby bath sponge. Shield your eyes by rubbing your palm across your forehead while rinsing. Allow handfuls of water to wash over all the breasts of the baby to make him warm. To keep moisture in, use infant lotion all over. Wrap the baby in such a towel as soon as bath time is finished, wrapping his or her head for warmth.

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